LexPredict Agreement Database

Over 400,000 contracts, 100 public and private industries, and 20 years

Breadth, quality, and scale

  The LexPredict Agreement Database is the only solution that can provide high-quality, machine-readable, and industry-spanning agreement data. While many other solutions offer partial views of narrow industries or single contract types, we provide historical and same-day delivery across the universe of companies, countries, and contracts.


  Not all organiziations have the internal resources to leverage agreement data; LexPredict can help. We are experts in deriving actionable intelligence from contracts using statistics, machine learning, and natural language processing, from M&A to contract standardization.

Pricing & Contact

  The LexPredict Agreement database is available in flexible pricing schemes. Customers can choose between one-off historical samples or ongoing updates, between all industries or some, and between all contract types or some. Please contact us for more information.